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One day, you’ll learn, just as she did.

To understand the true meaning of disappointment.

Understanding that what she feels is not what you feel, and what she needs is not what you need, and just because you didn’t want or need the things she did, did not make hers less important.

She’s learned the true meaning of disappointment.

It has become her constant reminder of why you never deserved her. She’s learned that disappointment can and will make a person stronger because that place that was occupied over and over, isn’t a place of true happiness.It is a place of personal punishment.To have kept herself in that place would have turned her sanity into something else, something dangerous.

She has become stronger by understanding the true meaning of disappointment. Knowing what she deserves and knowing that what she wants and what she needs are important and desirable by many.

To need without being afraid, to want what she wants without judgement, and to love without disappointment.

She understood the true meaning of disappointment. 


"The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow."